How to choose your Smoke Detector Testers?

How to choose your Smoke Detector Testers?

Of all the fire alarm testing equipment, a smoke detector tester is mostly used. CCFireTester testers which allow to test smoke detectors are Smoke Detector Tester and Smoke & Heat Detector Tester.  In this article, we will show you what to make sure before choosing your smoke detector tester.

Two or All in one Detector Testers
These detector testers can be seen on the field due to its convenience. You can test smoke detectors, heat detectors, and sometimes even carbon dioxide detectors with only one device. Most of these detector testers operate with electricity, battery required. Also, you will need smoke cartridges or smoke capsules for testing smoke detectors. Make sure the cartridges and capsules are able to get in your area before purchasing your fire alarm testing equipment.

Testers only available for Smoke Detector Testing
Compared to multi-purpose detector testers, a simple smoke detector tester has a lower price and lighter weight, becoming many professionals' choice for fire alarm system maintenance. These kinds of testers spray out smoke by canned smoke and aerosol tester sprays. It is important to see if the canned smoke you are familiar with is able to be put into your testers.

According to our statistics, these are who might choose a smoke detector tester.
- A fire alarm inspector, fire alarm technician, or fire alarm engineer
- Companies offering fire alarm system maintenance
- Contractor which inspect the site mostly with smoke detectors

CCFireTesters Smoke Detector Testers
When designing our Smoke Detector Tester, we consider it important to be able for  all aerosol tester sprays. And for fire engineers and technicians requiring multifunction testers, we also provide testers available for testing smoke detectors and heat detectors.

Hope this article helps. And all fire alarm related professionals can find your ideal smoke detector tester.

Any more comments for this article or our detector testers? Or have different requirements for detector testers? Leave it through our contact info. All opinions will be appreciated.

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