Different Ways to Test Fire Alarms

Different Ways to Test Fire Alarms

There are different kinds of fire alarms. According to how they operate, they are divided into smoke detectors, heat detectors, CO detectors and more. The most commonly seen is the smoke detector. In this article, we are going to talk about different ways to test smoke detectors and their advantages and disadvantages.

By Hand and Ladders

For testing smoke detectors, canned smoke is required. It is also called the smoke dispenser or the tester spray. When the detector can be reached by a ladder, we can test it  with the canned smoke directly by hand. The things you need are simple and easy to get, only a detector tester spray and a ladder. The disadvantage is that you will have to climb the ladder many times if there’s a lot of detectors to test. Also, it requires some practice to spray directly at the chamber with the correct distance and angle.

testing fire alarm with smoke detector tester spray.jpg
Testing smoke alarm by hands with Canned Smoke.

With Scissor Lifts or Scaffolds

When the inspecting site is a large area, complete fire alarm testing with a scissor lift will be effortless since we don’t have to move the ladder. But on the other hand, a scissor lift will be a good choice only when the site is spacious and empty. Moreover, renting or purchasing a scissor lift might need a high budget.

With Smoke Detector Tester and Extension Poles

With a Smoke Detector Tester and an extension pole, there will be less limitation of the space. You can choose the length of the extension pole applicable for the ceiling height. If the detector head is required to be replaced, change the tester into a Detector Removal Tool. Fire alarm maintenance done with higher mobility and lower budget. It might require a little practice to reach the detector stably at first, but the testing will be done efficiently after then.

Smoke detector tester.jpg
Smoke Detector Tester with an extension pole.

Fire engineers, fire technicians or fire equipment maintenance companies can choose how to complete smoke detector inspection according to the amount of the alarms required to test or the area of the inspecting site. As long as we can make sure the detector is working well and good, it will be fine. Hope you have an efficient and effortless fire detection and alarm system maintenance.

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