Fire Safety Technicians and Engineers and The Maintenance They Do

In Taiwan, we have two qualified fire safety professionals that can complete fire safety equipment maintenance, fire safety technician and fire safety engineer and designer.

To become a fire safety technician, engineer and designer, you will have to pass the national test. It is similar to getting recognition from NICET. Also, differ from the US, they will have to be proficient in fields including fire alarm system, fire suppression system, and fire sprinkler system. Fire safety technicians are responsible for inspection and maintenance. Fire safety engineers can do the work above, but also design fire safety systems or become a consultant of construction companies.

The main routine of fire safety equipment maintenance includes:

  1. Making sure the fire alarm system and detectors are working.

  2. Making sure the suppression system can work.

  3. Making sure the fire extinguishers are at their expiration date.

If there’s anything that does not match the code, the owner of the site will be asked to solve the problem in 10~90 days, depending on region and project. Fire safety technicians and engineers in charge will be back to check again.

Fire safety plays an important role in life safety, and technicians and engineers are crucial parts of it. Though there are some differences between fire safety professionals from different countries, we value what they do.

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