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Detector Removal Tool

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When doing fire alarm testing, we have to replace the detector from time to time. Most of the detectors unscrew and install by twisting to the side and our Detector Removal Tool is designed according to this. It can grab tighter while turning both clockwise or counterclockwise. The tool is like an extension of arms, replacing smoke and heat detectors just like by hands.

The detector removal tool is designed for universal detectors and usages. It works well with the below features.

1. Large Grabbing Range. It is compatible with detectors and light bulbs within 44~220mm.

Large Grabbing Range of the Detector Removal Tool.jpeg

Large Grabbing Range of the Detector Removal Tool2.jpeg

2. Most smoke and heat detector heads can be replaced with the detector removal tool.
(excluded detector which needs other progress before twist to remove detector's mounting plate, e.g. Honeywell Model XLS-PS )

3. Support tilting up to 30°, always remains steady even for angled usage.

4. Small Volume for clear aiming view and Light Weight for effortless fire inspection.
Only 491.6g with short sticks.

5. No need to push up for friction to twist off or install, no worries about pushing up light ceilings boards even for detectors with tight heads.

won't lift up ceiling boards.gif

6. Can be installed on most extension poles, including solo’s.

Function & Specification

※ Detector removal tool price EXCLUDED extension poles※

Our dis-mountable detector removal tool is capatible with most smoke detectors, grab and rotate to remove different sizes of detectors and factory light bulbs.
Easily remove and install for effective and safe inspection, reduce the risk and cost posed by scaffolds, ladders or cranes.

Set 1: Detector Grabbing Kit
Detector Removal Tool - Model CC03
Material: Iron
Weight: 491.6g
Grabbing Diameter: Dia.44~124mm
Grabbing Angle: Vertical ~ Tilt 30°
Short Leg Height: 45mm
All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles: 49g

Set 2: Factory Light Bulb Grabbing Kit
Detector Removal Tool - Model CC03
Material: Iron
-  Include Grab extension parts: 650.6g
-  Excluded Grab extension parts: 776.1g
Grabbing Diameter: Dia.44~200mm
Grabbing Angle: Vertical ~ Tilt 30°
Long Leg Height: 163mm
All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles: 49g
Set 3: Detector & Factory Light Bulb Grabbing Kit
Detector Removal Tool - Model CC03
Material: Iron
With Short leg
-  Include Grab extension parts: 491.6g
-  Excluded Grab extension parts: 610.3g
With Long leg
-  Include Grab extension parts: 650.6g
-  Excluded Grab extension parts: 776.1g
Grabbing Diameter: Dia.44~200mm
Grabbing Angle: Vertical ~ Tilt 30°
Short Leg Height: 45mm
Long Leg Height: 163mm
All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles: 49g

Standard Equipment
Standard Equipment of Detector Removal Tools.png
Additional Information
1. This product is highly electrically conductive
2. This product is only compatible extension poles which can be locked while twisting. For others, our Stopper Band is required.
3. To avoid destroying the detector base and circuit, please STOP twisting the removal pole under below situations:
-  detector base rotate when using the tool
-  detector cover unable to twist
4. Avoid using the removal tool in wire-exposed environment and under stormy weather.
5. Please equip with workplace safety equipment or personal protective equipment (e.g. safety helmet) when using this product.

Instructions for Detector Removal Tool

1. Adjust magnet pieces' quantity refers to manual guidelines.
2. Make sure magnet pieces' glossy side faces up. Improper placement might lead to magnet fall off.
3. Make sure magnet pieces with cotton are placed on the top.
4. Raise up the Detector Removal Pole to the target fire alarm.
5. Twist to lock the tool to the fire alarm.
6. Make sure "white extension part" is placed 1cm on the left of the detector LED light.
7. Reinstall the detector cover using the “white extension part” to align to the detector base tenon.

For the detector located on the angled ceiling, kindly readjust magnet pieces quantity and remove fasteners on the tool to increase tilt angles.

Turn on the CC to see more of our Detector Removal Tool !

Display of Removing Detectors

Tips for CHANGCHI Detector Removal Tool

Display of Removing Factory Light Bulbs

Correspondence Table
Recommended magnet pieces quantity for different detectors (not included the magnet piece quantity with cotton pad)
1.Siemens Smoke Detector  Model: HFP-11  Qty: 0
2.Secutron(System sensor)   Model: MRI-5251RP  Qty: 0
3.Notifier   Model:FST-851(R)  Qty: 1
4.Notifier   Model: FSL-751  Qty: 4
5.Simplex   Model: 4098-9714  Qty: 4

All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles

This is the standard equipment of CCFireTester Detector Removal Tool.

Accessories for extension pole. Install to compatible with CCFIreTester Detector Testing Devices & Detector Removal Tool.

Standard Equipment
All-purpose adapter * 1 set
Self Trapping Screws * 6 pieces
Hose Clamp (27~40mm)

╴ Material: Aluminium Alloy
╴ Outer Dia.: 22mm
╴ Inner Dia.: 20mm
╴ Clips Push Button Dia.: 7mm (Stainless Steel Single pin)
╴ Length: 105mm
╴ Weight: 24.4g

CCFirieTester All-Purpose Adapter is only able to install on extension poles outer diameter within 14~40mm.
1. This Product is highly electrically conductive, avoid using in wire exposed environment and stormy weather.

Extension Pole Section Stopper Set

※If the extension pole can not be locked while twisting, having the Section Stopper Set is highly recommended.※

Accessories for extension poles without locking type mechanism. Install to compatible with CCFireTester Detector Removal Tool, detach easily and reliable fixing.

Standard Equipment
for ONE joint:
1. Stopper band
2. Hose Clamp * 2

╴ Large Diameter
╴ Medium Diameter
╴ Small Diameter

1. Stopper band (124L x 42W x 3thk mm)
2. Hose Clamps:
╴ Large Diameter (27~51mm)
╴ Medium Diameter (21~38mm)
╴ Small Diameter (12~32mm)

Assembly instructions
1. EACH extension pole's joint using :
Stopper band *1
Hose Clamp for Upper part * 1
Hose Clamp for Lower part * 1
2. Trim the stopper band to size which can cover half of the extension pole.
3. Stopper band“7” shape side face outward, fasten the stopper band on the extension poles 'joint by lower hose clamp.
4. Fasten upper hose clamp on the stopper band below the “7” shape for regulating Hose Clamp Tightness.
5. Set up stopper set for other extension poles‘ joint. Each joint should set up with ONE stopper set to avoid dangerous during usage.
6. Ready for Detector Removal Tool set up.

7. Start the inspection.

ONE Stopper set for ONE Joint ONLY.

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