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Smoke Detector Tester - CC09

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Our Smoke Detector Tester is suitable for most smoke detectors. Dispense smoke to stimulate the sensing chamber rapidly by light press or the pulling string. Transparent silicone rubber component enable observing detector LED light while testing.

Upgraded mistake-proofing body designed to avoid smoke tester spray from falling over. Pulling rope provided for smoke detectors located on light ceiling boards (such as T-bar ceilings).


-   Large upper cup, suitable for most CO or smoke detectors.

-   Design for using at height and at angles.

-   Transparent silicone rubber component enable observing detector LED while testing.


Special Feature:

-   Upgraded mistake-proofing body design to avoid smoke tester spray from falling over.

-   Able to hold Japan, U.S. and U.K. made smoke detector tester spray.

-   Pulling string provided for option. Testing complete effortlessly even for detectors on light ceiling boards (T-bar ceilings).

-   Available to install CCFireTester Auto Smoke Clearing Fan.


  1. Smoke Detector Tester * 1

  2. Pulling Rope * 1

  3. Instruction manual *1

  4. All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles *1


Smoke Detector Tester - Model CC09V2

Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone Rubber, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Transparent silicone rubber component: Dia. 105±1mm

Mistake-proofing cup: Inner Dia. 67mm

Height: 126~181±1 mm

Weight: approx. 467±1g

All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles: 49g


  1. This product is highly electrical conductive.

  2. Please screw out the lower cup(tester spray holder) when storage to avoid the canned smoke from spraying out.

  3. Excess tester smoke might damage the smoke detector. It is recommend to spray the dispenser for no more than 2 seconds during fire alarm testing.

  4. Avoid using the Detector Testing Tool in wires exposed environment and under stormy weather.

  5. Please equip with workplace safety equipment or personal protective equipment (e.g. Safety Helmet)when using this product.


Before Inspection:

  1. Screw out the lower cup (smoke detector tester spray holder).

  2. Place the canned smoke in the lower cup and screw in.

  3. Adjust the tightness of the lower cup. It should be able to spray out smoke easily by slightly pulling the rope or pressing the Smoke Detector Tester.

  4. Install the Smoke Detector Tester on the extension pole. All-Purpose Adapter provided if needed.

  5. Start Fire alarm inspection.

After Inspection:

  1. Screw out the lower cup and avoid storing the canned smoke in a high-temperature environment.


Special Situation

  1.  Smoke Alarm Inspection on light ceiling boards (T-bar ceilings)
     - Can slightly adjust the pressure for the smoke detector tester, or
     - Spray out smoke by pulling the pulling rope.


When the Smoke Detector Tester sprays out smoke continuously:

  1. The lower cup screws in too much, pressing pressure is too high for the canned smoke. Kindly screw out the lower cup to adjust pressure.

  2. Smoke Detector Tester's Holder is deformed, kindly uninstall the holder and shape it back. (Reminded not to screw the holders' screw too tight.)

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