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Heat Detector Tester

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Our Heat Tester is suitable with most detectors, air is heated by the heater within the cup rapidly.

Transparent upper cup for easy observing detector LED while testing.

PC material has taken and passed the Temperature Environmental test, and can avoid deformation by working under high temperature environment continuously.


-      Suitable for most detectors

-      Design for use at height and at angles

-     Transparent upper cup enable observing detector LED Light while testing


Special Feature:

-    Plastic components using PC (Polycarbonate) shatterproof, high temperature and deformation resistant, suitable for usage in inspection activities.

-      Special quick locked design avoids heater movement and easy set up heat source.

-      Heater activate/ shut down rapidly

-      Heated up air indirectly, will not damage the detector.

-      Heat convection design on upper cup increase temperature quickly

-      Capable with Nohmi/Panasonic heater 

Standard Equipment

1. Heat Detector Tester * 1

2. Heater * 1

3. Heater Cover * 1

4. Instruction manual *1 

5. All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles *1


Heat Detector Tester - Model CC05V3

Material: Stainless Steel, Polycarbonate

Transparent PC Cup:
Inner Dia.89±1mm
Outer Dia.94±1 mm
Thickness 2.6±1mm

Height: 94mm±1

Weight: approx. 333g±1

Oil Cup Volume: 50cc ±1 (2.5hours usage)

Fuel: Cleaning Naphtha

Maximum Temp.: approx. 240℃

All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles: 49g


  1. This product is highly electrical conductive
  2. Excessive fuel (cleaning naphtha) might lead to fire during usage, kindly remove excess fuel by upside down the fuel cup.
  3. Make sure the fuel cup is plugged-in properly. Improper placement might lead to fuel cup fall off.
  4. Do not place or store fuel and lighter under high temperature environments and  in vehicles.
  5. Do not pour liquid , rub and touch the heaters’ fabric surface.
    Improper usage of Heater might lead to invalidation. 
  6. Avoid using the Detector Testing Tool in wires exposed environment and under stormy weather.
  7. Avoid using the Detector Testing Tool under windy or gale environments.
  8. Please equip with workplace safety equipment or personal protective equipment (e.g. Safety Helmet)when using this product.
  9. Improper used ,human factors (e.g. improper storage, trample) and force majeure factors is not covered in warranty.


Before Inspection:

  1. Add 50cc fuel to the oil cup, remove excess fuel.
  2. Plug-in the fuel cup, make sure it has been plugged in properly.
  3. Make sure the heater is inserted.
  4. Push the moveable cover plate to "OPEN"
  5. Ignite the heater.
  6. There will be no flame occurred, and the heaters' fabric should be combusted when ignited successfully.
  7. Air will be heated up rapidly within the cup.
  8. Plug-in the Detector Tester to the extension pole.
  9. Start Inspection.

After Inspection:

  1. Put the heater cover on the Heater for at least 1 minute.

  2. Heaters’ fabric should be in non-combustion status.
    If the heaters' fabric is still combusting, kindly unplug the oil cup.



Heated up Temperature too low.

  1. Movable cover plate has not push to the "OPEN" line properly.

  2. Not enough fuel.

  3. Oil cup cannot fixed to the tenon.
    This situation usually occurs when the oil cup is used to refill fuel frequently, please press the oil cup and shape it to fixed to the tenon.

  4. Oil cup cotton volume is too small to reach the bottom of the heater;
    Oil cup cotton is carbonized due to frequent usage.
    Kindly tear the carbonized part or change/fill up the cotton.

  5. The Heater absorbs the smoke testers' smoke.

    Please burn the heater by its bottom until no more smoke occurs.
    If it is still not working, it should be at the end of the lifespan, please replace it with a new heater.

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