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Adapter for CCFireTester Tools

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All-Purpose Adapter for Extension Poles

This is the standard equipment of CCFireTester fire alarm testing equipment & Detector Removal Tool.

Accessories for extension poles. Install to compatible with CCFireTester Detector Testing Devices & Detector Removal Tool.

Standard Equipment
All-purpose adapter * 1 set
Fixing Screws * 6 pieces
Hose Clamp (27~40mm)

╴ Material: Aluminum Alloy
╴ Outer Dia.: 22mm
╴ Inner Dia.: 20mm
╴ Clips Push Button Dia.: 7mm (Stainless Steel Single pin)
╴ Length: 105mm
╴ Weight: 24.4g

CCFirieTester All-Purpose Adapter is only able to install on extension poles outer diameter within 14~40mm.
1. This Product is highly electrically conductive. Avoid using in a wire exposed environment and stormy weather.
2. For the CCFireTester Detector Removal Tool, a pole that can be locked (won’t twist while operating) or a pole with no joint is highly suggested. 

Instruction Manual    

Special Adapter for Solo Poles

Adapter only for Solo extension poles and CCFireTester products.

Standard Equipment
Special Adapter * 1 set
╴ Material: Stainless Steel 304
╴ Outer Dia.: 28mm
╴ Inner Dia.: 25mm
╴ Clips Push Button Dia.: 12mm (Stainless Steel Single pin)
╴ Length: 117mm
╴ Weight: 111.3g

1. This Product is highly electrically conductive. Avoid using a wire exposed environment and stormy weather.

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Addional information:

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  4. Country of origin:all of our products are made in Taiwan.
  5. Data sheet:we describe out product detailedly on our website, you can directly print the product page as the data sheet.
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